The 7th Street Mural Project



7th Street Mural Project

Location: 272 E. Santa Clara St.

Owners: Grocery Outlet owners Daryn and Chevonne Johst

Collaborating Artist: Serina Serjama

Collaborating Community Organizations: Heart of Chaos, Silicon Valley Debug, and The San Jose Peace and Justice Center

Years in the making, this project will bring together these organizations and collectives to help spread positive depictions of women as well as involve female artists in creating art that speaks to the community of San Jose. Please check out our various events and we invite you to help in any way you are able, whether through hands-on help, funding, or even just spreading the word!

For more information: Contact

To Donate: Visit Heart of Chaos’ Just Give online donations and type “7th Street Mural Project” in the Program Description or email our Artist Coordinator Freddie @ to donate materials.

To Help: Contact our Artist Coordinator Freddie @ upbeat111@yahoo.comto assist with any of the following events:

  • Monday, Oct. 28th from 9am-6pm @ Grocery Outlet: Attend to prepare and prep the wall!
  • Tuesday, Oct. 29th from  6pm-late @ Grocery Outlet: Attend to assist in beginning the outline and preliminary composition.
  • Thursday, Oct 31st from  9am-6pm @ Grocery Outlet: Attend to continue the outlining and prepare the mural for Saturday’s event!
  • Friday, November 1st from 9am-6pm @ Grocery Outlet: Attend to continue outlining and begin color blocking.

Then let’s celebrate!

grocery outlet

Saturday, November 2nd


Grocery Outlet 272 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA


Our partner Heart of Chaos is a 501c3 through Catalyst for Youth. If you are interested in buying raffle tickets online for your chance to win the signed jersey, you can do so through Heart of Chaos with a $10 minimum ($1 per raffle ticket). CLICK HERE Please state “jersey” under the “Program” section. Thank you for your support!

Stop by Grocery Outlet to meet community members from the groups organizing the mural! There will also be food and drinks for sale to benefit the mural, activities and of course an opportunity to meet our artist Serina Serjama and assist with painting the mural. Please invite friends and family from throughout the community, and spread the word! Grocery Outlet will also have a raffle benefiting the 7th Street Mural Project! Enter to win a Shark’s jersey signed by the team!

1391667_669751463044489_574655478_nSerina Serjama

Serina Serjama had her first one-person show when she was 15 and has worked all around the world in countries such as France, Spain, Holland, Denmark and Japan. She has created the visual artistry on stages by painting and/or designing for many companies mostly on the West Coast for about 11 years. Other projects include City of Los Altos Festival of Lights ParadeTwixt, a F. Coppola project; Idomeneo, San Jose Opera; Dreams Happen, Children’s Playhouse projects in Palo Alto/Los Altos; backdrop for Pirates of Penzance, Lamplighters; The Most Happy Fellow Festival Opera; Romeo and Juliet, Livermore Opera. She studied the Fine Arts independently in Europe and Asia for eight years and worked successfully as a muralist and freelance artist in Portland. The sets she created have won numerous awards, and her skills in Trompe l’Oeil have had seasoned directors and critics fooled, thinking that drops were 3D, backlit canvases were projections, or that wood-floors or marble were real materials.



oChevonne and Darren Johst

Darren and Chevonne Johst are the proud owners of Downtown San Jose Grocery Outlet.  Darren and Chevonne were high school sweethearts who met in a martial arts class.  At seventeen, Darren started his career as a courtesy clerk at a local grocery store and worked his way up the management team becoming one of the youngest store managers in the Bay Area.  Chevonne earned her business degree at Santa Clara University while working in Human Resources and serving as a board member for numerous non-profit organizations.  Both were delighted by the opportunity to combine all their passions into one family business.

The idea of raising their five children in their hometown (only minutes from where they grew up and fell in love) was a dream come true for them.  Darren and Chevonne are major advocates of education, whether it’s learning the ABC’s or earning PHD’s, and equality.  There are numerous store events that further education and support students on all levels of development.  Darren and Chevonne are committed to their community and are passionate about serving their neighborhood.


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