Call to Artists!!! Submissions Due June 17th


The Night of Creative Empowerment is an event created to promote, support, and recognize the talent of women of all ages and background in the arts community of San Jose. The event provides the public with the opportunity to see art, listen to music and poetry by women, while empowering them to be leaders and provoking responses from the audience on the topics presented.

This year’s theme is Rise Up, Grrrrl: exploring movements from around the world and 4th wave feminism. Who are our modern day Heroines? How are we as a society redefining femininity? This show is for expressions of hope and courage.

We are accepting submissions from multiple disciplines and mediums including, but not limited to, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces as well as multimedia installations and interactive stations.

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Gearing Up!

Women Rising is getting ready to launch two new exciting events in the coming months, our annual Night of Creative Empowerment, and an additional art event teaming up with local artists. Both events will assist in fundraising for our mural projects in the Downtown San Jose area, keep an eye out for date and venue announcements and the “Call to Artists”. We will be looking for artists of every medium as well as poets, musicians, performers, and craftspeople who would like to showcase their talents. With multiple events on the horizon, there will be opportunities to showcase individuals from every background and discipline. We are excited to see familiar faces and to make new friends as we grow our community!

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Artist Call/Event: Journey Through Fire Together (October)

Journey Through Fire Call to Artists from Siren Song Creations on Vimeo.

A call to artists, survivors and allies for the event Journey Through Fire Together, an arts event to be held in San Jose, CA, in which people will have the chance to stand in support of survivors of sexual abuse. This is a celebration that will serve as the climax to our film Journey Through Fire.

You can watch the trailer here if you haven’t seen it yet: and stay up to date on the FB page:

A Night of Creative Empowerment II, June 8th

A Night of Creative Empowerment II is hosted and organized by Women Rising and sponsored by the community to showcase the multitude of female artists in the Bay Area.

We are a grassroots collective that focuses on women empowerment through the arts and open dialogue. Through artistic expression, Women Rising encourages women of all ages to rise up and become leaders in the movement towards discovering one’s identity amongst the perpetual misrepresentation and under-representation in our social culture.
In October of 2010 Women Rising hosted their first Night of Creative Empowerment at Room 404 at the Citadel in downtown San Jose. The night was full of positive energy and joyous support from the community—and went incredibly well. This year we will host a panel with inspirational women from our community, as well as live music, poetry, art, and performances at Backwater Arts Gallery ( 681 Quinn Ave, San Jose CA 95112).

A small donation of $5 will be collected at the front door which will help our collective fund this event, future events, and our community mural project set to be completed this summer in downtown San Jose .

Featured Performers and Artists: Raks Africa, Kinsey of The Wild Reeds, Adriana “LaPatriota” Garcia (poet), Alex Perez of Mates, DJ Hellz Bellz, Leslie Quintanilla (poet), Frankie (poet), April Gee (art), Teri Paschere (cell0), and many more to come!

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Serina Serjama Joins Forces with Women Rising

Serina Serjama, an artist-muralist, has partnered with Women Rising and the San Jose Peace & Justice Center to create a mural at the Pomegranate Cafein downtown San Jose. Serina, Women Rising, and SJP&JC are donating their time and talent to creating a piece that will educate, promote, and create a space for discussion on various women issues. As well as honoring revolutionary women from all over the world who inspire us in the women’s movement for justice and equality.

The mural will be featured on the side of Pomegranate Cafe, located on 5th Street and San Fernando. We are currently working on 3 designs, which residents will be invited to help pick the final design.

This project cannot get underway without your help. If you would like to donate supplies, volunteer/get involved with the project, or make a monetary contribution please contact Women Rising at

Serina Serjama Facebook:

SJ Peace & Justice Center:

Below are photos of Serina’s work:

Womyn’s Comedy Night @ The Brit

Mr. Walker partners up with Women Rising to showcase the bay area’s female talent in the context of Womyn’s History Month and in solidarity with the South Bay Internatioanl Womyn’s Day Network programming for International Womyn’s Day (March 8th). Comedians to be announced.

When: Monday, March 26th

Time: 9:00pm-11:30pm

Cost: FREE

Location: Britannia Arms Downtown San Jose (The Brit). 173 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose, CA 95113