Can’t Get Enough?

Performers 1010770_540506229348528_1360788587_n

The art was amazing, the performers sublime, the Night of Creative Empowerment III was inspiring. Thank you to everyone who joined Women Rising and Backwater Arts Gallery for this unique event.

We hope everyone who attended felt inspired and empowered and we want to thank everyone who was involved in this incredible effort!

We are happy to announce that our event gained widespread recognition throughout the community and we have received amazing feedback from artists and community members who have been longing for just such an organization to host spaces for female artists.

In addition the night raised $619 which will go directly to funding our Mural Projects in the downtown area. Artists and the spaces are all on board and now with the funds provided we are ready to put the pedal to the medal. If you are interested in volunteering your time and/or painting skills to these amazing murals please email

Can’t get enough of the artists and performers you saw the night of our event? Neither can we! Please click their name and follow the links they provided to check out more of their work. You can also subscribe to our blog or “Like” our facebook page to receive up to date information regarding our upcoming events. Thank you again to all the amazing and talented people who made this event possible!

Chara Bui

Molly Murphy

Steely Nash

Sweet HayaH

Rabbit Quinn


Kimy Martinez


Chara Bui

Kat Bell

Amelia Lewis

Michelle Domocol

Karen Gutfreund

Martha Rodriguez

 Erica Atreya

 Alexandria Kerekez

Tracey Baca

Eliana Lurato

Mireya Villanueva

Chelsi Whiting

Jen Solomon

Kristen Pollock



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