Gearing Up!

Women Rising is getting ready to launch two new exciting events in the coming months, our annual Night of Creative Empowerment, and an additional art event teaming up with local artists. Both events will assist in fundraising for our mural projects in the Downtown San Jose area, keep an eye out for date and venue announcements and the “Call to Artists”. We will be looking for artists of every medium as well as poets, musicians, performers, and craftspeople who would like to showcase their talents. With multiple events on the horizon, there will be opportunities to showcase individuals from every background and discipline. We are excited to see familiar faces and to make new friends as we grow our community!

In addition to the upcoming events, Women Rising is also excited to welcome several new members. With new members always comes exciting new talents and resources. Meetings have been invigorated and we have launched a new media overhaul. Be sure to click though our website and visit our Facebook Page, we will be featuring more updates for upcoming events and more of our community partners as we continue to grow. Be sure to contact us if you are interested in partnering with Women Rising or have a community event you would like featured on our site or Facebook, we are dedicated to utilizing our audience to spread awareness within our society.

Also be sure to stop by our calendar! We will be posting more events with Women Rising and our affiliates as well as other local events that support our community. Even if you cannot attend one of our events we encourage you to check out other local organizations and consider becoming involved.

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Women Rising!


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