And the Night of Creative Empowerment II artists are…

Panel Speakers:

  • Bonnie Sugiyama, SJSU Women Resource Center and LGBTQ Center Director
  • Latu Tapaatoutai, Youth Advocate and 50/50 Collective
  • Yan Yin Choy, SJSU Student and Women Advocate.


Visual Artists:

  • Acrylic Love (
  • Amanda Marie Tello
  • Andrea Henneman
  • Anabella Pinon
  • April Gee
  • Armine Sargsyan
  • Clorama Dorvillias
  • Courtney Thiesen
  • Denise Olenak
  • Elizabeth Montelongo
  • Frances Marin Jaclyn
  • Alderete Jennifer Jigour
  • Joycee Benavides
  • Kimy Martinez
  • Lacey Bryant
  • Lauren Allison
  • Mary Chung
  • Pamela Venzie
  • Serina Serjama
  • Sonia Orban-Price
  • Yan Yin Choy
  • Trina Merry      
  • plus much more  


  • Adriana “LaPatriota” Cabrera
  • Evelyn Thorne
  • Fiza Najeeb
  • Frankie
  • Karimah
  • Leslie Quentinallia
  • Lindsey
  • Shaina Patel


  • Raks Africa, Oakland, CA
  • Khalilah Ramirez, San Jose, CA


  • DJ Coco
  • DJ Hells Bells

Supporters: Heart of Chaos ,Maiz, People For Education, Insane Craft Posse, Guadalupe River Park & Gardens ,Debug, Arts Now !, Scenes Are Temporay Movements Are Forever ( Documentary )


One thought on “And the Night of Creative Empowerment II artists are…

  1. Thank you to my sis “Hells Bells” for always keeping me in the loop on all of these wonderful events! You rock sis! Love you! I hope to make it out there. But I am sending this info out to other supporters!! ❤

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