Serina Serjama Joins Forces with Women Rising

Serina Serjama, an artist-muralist, has partnered with Women Rising and the San Jose Peace & Justice Center to create a mural at the Pomegranate Cafein downtown San Jose. Serina, Women Rising, and SJP&JC are donating their time and talent to creating a piece that will educate, promote, and create a space for discussion on various women issues. As well as honoring revolutionary women from all over the world who inspire us in the women’s movement for justice and equality.

The mural will be featured on the side of Pomegranate Cafe, located on 5th Street and San Fernando. We are currently working on 3 designs, which residents will be invited to help pick the final design.

This project cannot get underway without your help. If you would like to donate supplies, volunteer/get involved with the project, or make a monetary contribution please contact Women Rising at

Serina Serjama Facebook:

SJ Peace & Justice Center:

Below are photos of Serina’s work:


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