Artist Call! General Meeting!

Dear Community Member & Artists,

Women Rising invites you to a GENERAL MEETING on December 19, 2011 from 6:30pm-9pm at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center located in downtown San Jose.

Over one year ago a group of artists, students, organizers and community members got together and created Women Rising: A Night of Creative Empowerment.

Collectively, we brought together a diverse group of women in the creative arts from the San Jose community. Since then, we have been fortunate to organize with local community centers and host various workshops for the youth.

We believe, you as an artist, poet, musician, educator and/or performer are important in our communities.

This meeting will provide a forum for artists to reflect, comment, analyze, and influence San Jose’s rich diversity of ethnic, cultural, sexual, and personal backgrounds in the art and music community.

And as a collective we can work together to overcome the limitations placed on us as a women of color, trans/queer, ally, or recently empowered artist.

Together we believe we can create safe places in which women may support and inspire one another.

Together we can create a network of underground female leaders, educators, artists and musicians in the San Jose community.

We hope to see you out on December 19th.

In Solidarity,

Women Rising


Pass this along to any allies of Women Rising—if they’re a painter, educator, creator, activist, singer, dancer, read, write, act, promote shows/event, etc.


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