It’s November!

  • Women Rising stands in solidarity with the 99%: Some of us headed out to Oakland’s General Strike on November 3rd where over 5,000 people showed up and closed down the ports!
  • Last night we attended the Womyn Warrior Potluck hosted by the South Bay International Women Day. They are preparing for next years events and marches. It was awesome to hear everyone’s feedback. This is the 2010 Facebook link: Int’l Womyn’s Day March.
  • San Jose State University will be hosting the film documentary Miss Representation on November 15th. Click here for FB event page.
  • For those located in the South Bay, on November 20th Yerba Buena High School group Word & Beats will be presenting their performance “Music that Inspires” at the SJ Woman’s Club. We have been helping out the students with the flyer and their script!
  • Budget Gallery <— Check out the link and then e-mail us about how much you want to create one!
  • Add us on Facebook to keep updated on how to support, learn about upcoming events, or get involved: Women Rising.

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